The Jet Age:: What Did You Do During the War, Daddy?

The Jet Age’s What Did You Do During the War, Daddy? is the brainchild of frontman Eric Tischler, and originally conceived as a soundtrack to an imaginary musical centered around what our duties are as citizens when government goes awry. As for the music, the album comes in three acts, and is a dark concoction of sounds, bringing to mind indie’s halcyon days of true creative freedom. Yes indeed, while The Jet Age don’t sound dated, the overall feel recalls the golden age of punk (Minutemen, Husker Du, etc….), when there was no prescribed formula. The album opens with the folksy acoustic piece “Ladies, Don’t Cry Tonight,” acting as an intro to the perpetually crashing guitars that permeate this record. Be prepared to take on a sound reminiscent of “You’re Living All Over Me,” period Dinosaur Jr., on “If I Had You Then I’d Still Want You Now,” complete with guitar solo. Speaking of solos, “False Idols” begins with an Unrest like guitar intro (only The Jet Age have the reverb cranked), clocks in as the longest song on the record, and includes a lead break that what it lacks in technicality, is made up by raw spirit. Moving along, “Dance” is a bass derived number, complete with harmonies, a good guitar break, and an overall sound that makes me want to pull out my old Dagnasty records. In fact, this is a concept album and not single oriented, but my favorite song, “Maybe Love’s a Transmission,” also recalls the previously mentioned group as well. Finally, I really like the Wedding Presentesque opening chord progression of “O, Calendar,” and the chugging guitars on the shoegaze hybrid “Dumb.” Figure it all out for yourself as you check out the songs below.

o, calendar.mp3false idols.mp3

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