Matches:: A Band In Hope

Matches bring A Band In Hope, on March 18 by way of Epitaph. Apart from the many varied rhythms there are to experience, most of the songs display a fairly thought out complexity. These sections pass through as colorfully distinct, while painted with a potent mixture of nice instrumentation and powerful hooks; with none of it being sheer artifice. “Wake Up the Sun,” projects a warm harmonized balladry holding a nice harmonic interlude that follows into an equally representative melody. The melodrama begins on piano number “Darkness Rising,” complete with ghostly background harmonies sounding like spirits from an in between world. I think it says something like “A saint is just a prick with a good publicist,” on the elliptical progression of “To Build A Mountain,” another fine piece of work. Overall, an enjoyable listen filled with nice builds, unexpected twists, turns, and a nice humming organ on A Band In Hope’s most danceable tune, the neo-sock hop “If I Were You.” There is also the obligatory acoustic song, “Clouds Crash,” but Matches make this one of the albums’ best with a faint English garden melody consummated by the elegant understatement of the string section. What stands out most about A Band In Hope, is the magic contained within the best tracks, specifically when they are holding back in often unexpected places, resulting in welcomed unfamiliar melodies.

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