The Hands:: Self Titled

The Hands self titled debut crosses hi-octane rock, garage/psych, and hybrid gospel with a spirit of pure debauchery. This is a super fun drag out that does more than mirror the past, and includes talk of Jesus, praying, and dying. There is quite a ruckus of a lead break on “hearts abandoned will rust,” going from full throttle, to full Axel Rose piano moment, back into the curiously melodic refrain of “I don’t want to die.” The next song, “Lies,” sounds off with a series of “woo hoos,” achieving a coolness far surpassing the last band I remember starting a song off like that in the late nineties. “Best” is a groove oriented grind-out, seamlessly interrupted by the loopy atmosphere resulting from the haze of vocal harmonies on the chorus. Moreover, “I don’t want to turn you on,” shifts from pedal-to-the-metal to total organ freakouts, to a fiery lead brake, all the time solidified by some bold Hawaii Five-0 horns. So much more here for you to find out on your own, but rest assured if this sounds like you’re thing, then it most definitely is friend.

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