MV & EE with The Golden Road:: Gettin Gone

Some records just naturally appeal to my sensibilities and last summer’s’ Gettin Gone by MV & EE with The Golden Road, is just one such album. I’ve heard MV & EE comparisons to Neil Young, and yeah, a lot of people who play good music sound somewhat like Neil. In truth, Gettin Gone is desert driving music, whether that be literal or psychic. Here lies the place where the air is dry, it’s sunny as hell, and you’ve gotten used to living in discomfort. Like some form of Stockholm syndrome, it becomes the one place you can find solace; only because most can’t stand the same light they pretend to worship, and you’ve gone way passed trying to escape your demons. From spare to decadent orchestrations, and somewhere on the edges of self-imposed madness lies the truth: It has been given in these parables that those who come to face themselves can find that absolution here. There is much to choose from on Gettin Gone, and you can sit back and enjoy talk of settling down with at least three queens on “Easy Lovin”; delve in the ramble and reverberation of a train called “Colsed Out,” passing through a maze of synapses; or mainline the folklore acoustic atmosphere of “Day & Night,” lit by converted banjo/sitar and harmonium. Moreover, legendary guitarist J. Mascis returns to the drum stool for a jagged trailblazing groove called “Speed Queen,” which also includes a very migratory sun drenched intro. Speaking of J. Mascis, Gettin Gone has an atmosphere which brings to mind his own work on another desert record – the Gas, Food, & Lodging soundtrack.

Speed Queen live February 2008.mp3

March ’07 Austin, TX

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