The Epochs:: Self Titled

I know I’m not alone in being entertained by The Epochs high quality release. Classified somewhere between neo-soul & electro-pop, and in reality that is acceptable, but vague. The melodies transfer and change up, often taunting as if a big moment is coming, only to dissipate. Inevitably the climax comes to fruition when you may have given up on it, like the case of “Opposite Sides,” which lures, catches, and then plays with its’ prey before the fatal strike. “Mister Fog” evokes Jackson 5, with a sunny outlook, and vocals that as usual rise up with The Epochs’ barbed hooks. My favorite track might be the slivering sexy Bolanesque melodies of “Love Complete,” heavy on the organ, simulated stops, and an island moment to spur on the chorus. There are many dimensions to The Epochs, including the acoustic cinematic creeper, “Pictures of the Sun,” but why read when you can listen.

Love Complete

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