Dan Giberman:: Thrills Without Gills… A Celebration of the living land

Dan Giberman’s Thrills Without Gills… A Celebration of the living land, came out this week on Sao Bento Music. Over the time I’ve spent with Thrills Without Gills, I have gained an increasing appreciation for Giberman’s tunes. The music transfers from spare arrangements consisting of simple cyclical riffs to quicker pass chord amalgamations, often completely charging the environment with a pleasantly odd chemistry. Whether it’s finger snaps, neo-jazz guitar mutations, or the way the melodies often float out clearer than the previous section, only to phase out and assimilate in the cloudy background, Giberman makes good use of his ideas. The Idaho native had his formal education split between improvised comedy and logic-based analytic philosophy; as a result Thrills Without Gills, has a bare approach to things, and in essence is an application of the editing process learned from said unique training. The music does bring to mind some sonic adventures from the nineties, like the work of Mark Robinson and his Teenbeat coalition, and more specifically, the illustrious Eggs & their classic Exploder album.

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