The Whitsundays

Edmonton, Alberta’s The Whitsundays have a fine record out on Friendly Fire Recordings. This one has been described as being reminiscent of Syd, Zombies, British psych, 1967…you know the jig. Yes, like forty years ago, and you think you’ve heard this one before. Only the brain of The Whitsundays, Paul Arnusch not only played pretty much everything on the album, but has also created a record of new hits from some bygone days. The best thing about it is that you haven’t heard any of these before, and can you dig that hazed out outro on “I Want It All,” and the swirling kaleidoscopic trounce of “It Must Be Me,” picking it all up on the transcendent chorus accented by those organs that solidify things throughout the record. Wander in the road chase of mystery thriller “Antisocial,” growing darker and ever more obscured; or engage in the pomp and magnetic circumstance of English romanticism eating its’ subject from the inside on “Sorry James.” Once again, those fabulous keys set the mood, and this time it is for the biggest hit on the record, “The Ways of The Sweet Talking Boys,” coming full force with a freak show organ break to set the song on its’ rocker. Good music to take you back, and once again, you haven’t heard it before.

It Must Be Me.mp3Sorry James.mp3

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