Hunters, Run!:: Forgotten Souvenirs of the Modern Age

I’ve enjoyed the time spent with Hunters, Run! & their Forgotten Souvenirs of the Modern Age. The album has a shadowy junked-out sonic quality recalling late 70’s & early 80’s NYC, just like some of the bands you might think of when you listen to Forgotten Souvenirs of the Modern Age. Not to pigeonhole the record, you might hear artists like Husker Du (couldn’t find the character) and Wire melded together on songs like “Shake What God Gave You.” In fact, on a couple of other numbers I hear a little Grant Hart in there as well. Then, there is Elvis Costello I suppose on the standout, “It’s Gonna Be A Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark Night,” a romantic tale gone awry. Enough of the name dropping, because you could listen to this one, not hear any of these things, and easily enjoy Forgotten Souvenirs.

forgotten souvenirs of the modern age.mp3its gonna be a dark dark dark dark night.mp3

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