O! The Joy:: Zen Mob

If Built to Spill and The Mars Volta spawned a child, it might sound something along the lines of Sacramento’s O! The Joy, but never long enough to get too caught up in the aforementioned names. Then again, there is ample evidence O! The Joy have explored the kosmische scene as well on their new record Zen Mob, here & there philosophically echoing Faust’s manner of carrying rare tangents to fruition. Having said that, maybe I’m just high, but my favorite tune on the record, “Under The Radar,” really reminds me of Joe Jackson, especially on the expansive slow punch of the chorus. Zen Mob shows a seamless weaving of genres, transferring from melodically intense passages to drugged out guitar mania splattering color. O! The Joy is Justin Goings on drums, Jason Ellis on guitar, effects, samples, Kurt Travis on vocals, and Kyle Marcelli on bass.

this fault is not mine.mp3we write the next chapter.mp3zen mode.mp3


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