The Gutter Twins:: Saturnalia

Let us start by forgetting about the topic of The Gutter Twins for a moment to say a couple of things concerning these two revelers of the black arts: Mark Lanegan, the quieter of the two while conjuring no less mysticism, who I last saw on the Twilight Singers tour showing up only when it was his turn to sing, and donning a hairstyle that made him look disturbingly like Will Ferrell (and I’m not kidding). Then there is Greg Dulli, easily one of the best live men I’ve seen (a good 10 times between Afghan Whigs and Twilight Singers shows) during a packed career of concert going. Dulli holds church over a venue like few others, issuing a mandate in intensity, laced with a dangerous sexuality, and done in immeasurable loudness and sweat. In short, most fans agree that what Greg Dulli does cannot be captured on tape, and as much as I love records like his Afghan Whigs’ Congregation, it ain’t live baby, but it is still the next best thing. Having said all that, The Gutter Twins are Mark Lanegan and Greg Dulli and they have a record Saturnalia, on Sub Pop. Fans of the two will surely delight in this one, and let me assure you it sounds like what you would expect from a collaboration between these lovers of the night, mirroring much of what we saw on the last Twilight Singers’ tour. With music as haunting as its’ two creators, you should already know whether you will like the dark totemic hammer of “Idle Hands.” Indeed, you should be able to find your place immediately among Saturnalia, with the opener “The Station,” saturated with talk of suffering, the rapture, God, and you get the picture. Check out some old and new video, and a recent live cover of “Down The Line,” by Jose Gonzalez.

Down the Line.mp3

video:On my Way To Canaan’s Land

Front Street

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