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One of the coolest things by far to pass into my clutches of late is the Local Anesthetic compilation put out by Smooch Records. This is a collection of singles from the the early eighties Colorado scene from the state’s only continuous independent label of the time. Local Anesthetic was an in-store label started by Wax Trax Records’ co-owner Duane Davis, and on this disc we have 33 selections from 1977-1983 crossing borders from punk, goth, art rock, and even more. The most famous song on here is the pre-Fluid group, The Frantix and their smash down “My Dad’s A Fucking Alcoholic.” This collection also includes the famed Defex single by the Boulder band, who were one of two Colorado punk bands (The Nails were the other one and they are featured as well) to release singles. No doubt, passersby will be astonished at how fresh this music still sounds, and for me this is right up my alley. Before “indie” became a cash cow and added its head to the snake of perceived “mainstream,” there was something going on not propelled by corporate entities and their sneaky imprints.

track listing:
01. Frantix “My Dad’s a Fucking Alcoholic”
02. Frantix “Car”
03. Frantix “You’re Ill”
04. Frantix “My Dad’s Dead”
05. Your Funeral “I Wanna Be You” (
06. Your Funeral “The Abyss”
07. White Trash “Wake Up” (
MP3)08. White Trash “Nazis in My Neighborhood”
09. White Trash “Ballad of Ronnie Raygun”
10. White Trash “I Hate Toes”
11. White Trash “Daddy Warbucks”
12. Young Weasels “Twist & Burn”
13. Young Weasels “Happy Feathers”
14. Bum Kon “Bum Kon”
15. Bum Kon “Forced Away”
16. Bum Kon “Drunken Sex Sucks”
17. Bum Kon “The Draft” (
18. Bum Kon “Slow Death”
19. Gluons w/ Allen Ginsberg “Birdbrain”
20. Gluons “Sue Your Parents”
21. Frantix “Face Reality”
22. Frantix “Cat Mouse”
23. Frantix “Sharin’ Sharon”
24. Frantix “New Questions”
25. Jeri Rossi “I Left My Heart But I Don’t Know Where” (
MP3)26. Jeri Rossi “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”
27. Rok Tots “Suicide Weekend”
28. Rok Tots “Situation Kid”
29. Defex “Psycho Surfer”
30. Defex “Machine Gun Love”
31. Nails “Cops Are Punks”
32. Nails “Big Star”
33. Nails “Another Lesson”


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