Our Last Night:: The Ghosts Among Us

New Hampshire’s Our Last Night released their record The Ghosts Among Us, this week on Epitaph. This album really grew on me, and seems most appropriate driving with the windows down and turned up loud; this is not for the purpose of drawing attention to yourself like the myriad of fools already doing that routine, more so it is best environment for delving into the world of Our Last Night. Containing two vocalist blending melody with screamoid lendings, and issuing songs that hybridize hope and anger, right before the final death to cynicism. The music is dynamic as well, showing some fairly intricate guitar work, illustrated best perhaps on the soundtrack to the coming summer, “Timing is Everything,” sure to reveal itself in every early twenties reality show soon enough. No slouch either is “Running The Clock,” which builds the same intensity as most of its’ compadres, with some dying to bust “out of their seams” passages, that inevitably explode to the flagship melody.


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