Musings:: Most Overrated of All Time?

We’ll explore this further, but who is the most overrated band of all the time? It has to be somewhere around the line of either The Eagles or Rolling Stones. I know some would say Nirvana, but I feel like time is already settling the score, by seperating them from the way-over -the-top nineties’ hype. Back to the Stones and Eagles, both can easily be painted as bloated hot airballs of their own karaoke, as neither have done anything worth repeating in well, seriously 30 years. The Eagles and their faux country rock are just too easy to pick apart. These two bands are equally repugnant for not just the crappy high priced karaoke they do, but more so for having reputations far exceeding the reality of their whole body of work. At this point, the Stones have put out as many gross records as they have good ones. Just to give perspective, Bowie who is a zillion times more credible throughout his career, never, and I mean never, put out such trash.

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