Frankel:: Lullaby For The Passersby

Frankel’s Lullaby For The Passersby, is a wonderfully written pop record that certainly recalls some of pop’s greats. Whether it is in the future folk stylings of spacey “Lullaby,” complete with transistors buzzing away, or the cabaret whims of the Piscesesque “Red Part of Town,” Frankel have cherry picked from the past to create something new and full of adventure. For myself, things peak out on “I Found Out,” with its’ self-retracting melody giving off an entrancing and slightly disorienting feeling as if it was borrowed from a less bizarre Clockwork Orange; then, the song jettisons out on an unexpected departure, rolling a bit of Monkees, Beatles, and S & G into one. Frankel will be playing a couple of shows at SXSW. Check out their songs below:

New Authority.mp3X Marks The Spot.mp3

live at SXSW:
Mar 14 2008 3:30P SXSW (Gueros) Austin, Texas
Mar 15 2008 12:00P SXSW (Hot Freaks! at The Mohawk)

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