Last Man Standing:: False Starts & Broken Promises

Last Man Standing’s record False Starts & Broken Promises has been a favorite of mine for a while now. The Rough Trade site describes False Starts & Broken Promises as Americana, which is about the least flattering way you could use to describe an album like False Starts. What does Americana mean anyway, and is that the same as Alt-Country? I don’t know myself, I just listen to music and play it on an amateur level. The same genius who will one day be prescribing microchip implants for all of us must have thought of that one. Still, I’ll take my chances with Last Man Standing, Americana, Frankenfurhkter or what have you, because what we have here is some high class aural slight of hand. As much ways classic rock as subversive psych and neo-cabaret, slowly melting the brain on numbers like “Go Home,” aided appropriately with backing vocals by Robyn Hitchcock, and with a delightful circus departure. This is a seriously well written record that often gives the same feeling as when the brain expects one thing and gets something altogether more magnificent. I could bore you with a long winded description of everything that is going on here, but you still wouldn’t have any idea. Last Man Standing’s False Starts & Broken Promises is like double fisting coffee and red wine, but see for yourself with the video for standout “Queen Kong,” and plenty more on their website.

Queen Kong

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