Steve Smith & This Town

Steve Smith, the leader of Dirty Vegas, is known as a highly esteemed dj & latin percussionist. Smith left his native England, and now has broken out with an album of his own songs that blend folky rock/pop with the occasional burst of Smith’s electronic leanings. The opening title track, “This Town,” launches right in to an album centered on finding new life, pondering if geographical escape can ever be a true escape; wasted time and getting rid of the guilt and memories; and looking back and wondering how something could have meant so much that you thought life couldn’t go on without it, and now it means nothing. Who hasn’t lived out such traumatic self-flagellation & wanted to just go far away from it all? I can tell you the emptiness is even more profound when it is over and there are no tears. Smith’s songs are surprisingly earthy and touch on some of life’s unfortunate commonalities.

come down queen.mp3that town.mp3hit me up.mp3

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