Flat Duo Jets:: Two Headed Cow

It had been a while off from Flat Duo Jets, until I pulled out my old videotape of the Athens GA., Inside/Out documentary, reminding me of the skull humpin’ primeval sounds of Dexter Romweber. Now a couple of years later, I have been thrown back into the world of rockabilly grind outs, psycho-blues, and however else you prefer to describe the huge brash sounds of Flat Duo Jets, all contained on Two Headed Cow, the companion soundtrack to the 2006 documentary on the crazy life of Dexter. Undoubtedly, one of the most influential unsung heroes of our times, Dexter’s name has certainly risen off the lips of more than a few folks you know such as Neko Case, Jack White, Chan Marshall, and about a zillion more. All in all, Two Headed Cow will catch you all up to snuff with sixteen songs about loving, hurting, running, and whatever you want to make of it all.

rawhide.mp3rock house.mp3

Dreamed of Heaven (footage from Two Headed Cow)


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