The Diggs:: CTRL-ALT-DEL

Brooklyn based three piece The Diggs hammer out a rather full sound on their recently released CTRL-ALT-DEL, an anthemic album that recalls nineties indie rock among its’ influences. Some will certainly think of groups like Sunny Day Real Estate and co., in terms of a pervading emotive style that bends sharply up and down with the dynamics of heavy & soft. Moreover, the builds, lyrical content, and their subsequent expression remind me of the force and alienation/isolation of Knapsack, a less popular act compared to SDRE, but a group that I always thought delivered the goods with full emotional impact, without sounding weak and on the verge of being pathetic. There are more things to discover on CTRL-ALT-DEL, like the bitter sweetness of “Anagrams,” coming equipped with a mesmerizing refrain of “…safe, safe, place…,” and sounding somewhere in the realm of Idaho crossed with Acetone. Moreover, the clean simple rhythms and thin guitar sounds on “Carpal Tunnel,” are worked over to create an intense atmosphere similar to nineties’ indie greats like Small Factory and The Ropers, only with a bit more bite. CTRL-ALT-DEL is the second record from The Diggs, and it was recorded in the West Chelsea studio Stratosphere Sound, owned by James Iha of Smashing Pumpkins and Adam Schlessinger of Fountains of Wayne.

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