Saint Bernadette:: I Wanna Tell You Something

These days, sometimes you just want to hear music that divests itself from the world of odd sounds and exotic mixtures, and just gets down to the business of a more straight forward approach to rock. In fact, it often seems within the current music faction, the last thing you ever get is an artist who just lays it all on the line without apologies or fear of scrutiny, as if it is some kind of sin. On the five songs on I Wanna Tell You Something, Saint Bernadette throw it all out there without a glimpse of irony, instead borrowing inspiration from the blood of life that runs through all of us. Between the lines, licks, and builds Keith Saunders exploits with his guitar, and Meredith DiMenna’s “this is how it is” vocals, there is life flowing through the veins of Saint Bernadette that will surely infect.

one in a million.mp3love is a stranger.mp3

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