Soundpool:: Dichotomies & Dreamland

Lush flurries of sound seep out and spring forth over the soft colorful layers of Soundpool’s Dichotomies & Dreamland. Speaking of lush, this record even has a song called “Lush,” and will more than likely bring you back to the pre-Nirvana golden age of shoegaze; no doubt evoking thoughts of the band Lush’s early 4ad eps, which made up their elegant first record Gala. Soundpool even borrow from those crazy Beatles on “Pleasure and Pain,” with some very “Tomorrow Never Knows” reversion. The NYC based five-piece Soundpool formed in 2005. The group incorporate rich sounds and textures mixed with smooth driving rhythms and melodies, finished with silky femme vocals. Soundpool’s second album Dichotomies & Dreamland is out on Aloft Records/U.S. and Quince Records/Japan.

pleasure and pain.mp3the divides of march.mp3lush what becomes you.mp3

millions & billions & trillions

04/12 New York, NY @ The Annex
04/26 Arlington, VA @ Galaxy Hut
05/09 Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery
05/10 Detroit, MI @ Contemporary Art Institute Of Detroit

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