Martina Topley-Bird:: Poison

Martina Topley-Bird shows a bit of the dark underbelly of life with new single ‘Poison.‘ Here is a tale of love gone awry with betrayal, held up high by Martina’s vocals, Danger Mouse’s shaping, and a finely tuned surf guitar atmosphere entwined with a steady rhythm section. ‘Poison’ comes complete with remixes from Van She (Modular) and The Officers. Van She take Martina’s original vocal and mixes it with a hypnotic, psyche-house track that builds and builds, whilst The Officers give an epic electro re-working. Martina Topley-Bird is a maverick of British pop, and has collaborated with artists such as Tricky, Diplo, Gorillaz, Mark Lanegan, Luciano, Primus, to name but a few. Martina Topley-Bird’s album The Blue God is out on the 12th May on Independiente. Martina also makes her long awaited return to the stage on Weds April 2nd at The Star of Bethnal Green in London.

Poison (Van She Mix)
Poison (Jools Holland)


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