Lili Haydn:: Place Between Places

Lili Haydn’s Place Between Places is out on Nettwerk Records. The album is her third overall and the debut for the singer/songwriter & violinist on Nettwerk. Place Between Places is an album filled with tales of soul searching and coming up short with answers, while resolving that pressing on is the only answer. Life doesn’t unravel how we might want or predict and this record reflects those themes with melodies that often soar with release created by well thought out song constructions diced with mystery. Throughout, Lili attacks the violin with the same veracity of a lead player who know when to light the inferno, as well as when to simply stoke it here and there. A dynamic album filled with some big choruses, though my favorite has to be the lower key “Saddest Sunset,” unfolding just like its namesake with all the emotional drops of dealing with closing the door for good on something in life.

Lili is celebrating the Place Between Places CD release tonight at The Roxy with an event hosted by comedian and TV host Bill Maher. Lili is partnering with Artists for Amnesty, Amnesty International USA to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Protect the Human campaign. All proceeds from the show will go to Amnesty International’s life-saving human rights work.

Unfolding Grace

Children of Babylon

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