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On Jim Noir’s new record, he roles out a pop experience that may induce seizures as it whips you inside and out, taking in a variety of influences (too many to bore you with, although that won’t stop some folks!), but always and most importantly sounding like his own work and not a reproduction. I could say something to the matter that this one is filled with shimmering guitars, thick walls of cascading harmonies, and melodies that twist and turn, and when they aren’t, one still gets the impression they are. “Good Old Vinyl” opens with all the anticipation of a glamorous late 70’s tv drama theme, unfolding its colorful microcosmos of cyclical riffs coupled with a haze of harmonies. Synths explode wildly, – sometimes in perverse droney fashion, slowly melting your mind, while at other times they act as aural fireworks for the vocal extravaganzas found throughout the album. Jim Noir offers a lot here, though it all might peak out on “Welcome C.J.,” – beginning with a solitary intro separating it all a bit from the fray, picking up its own steam and with the flush of one attitude comes a new altitude, highlighted by a splendid break featuring a flashback of children playing and a machine-age guitar lead.

Dont You Worry.mp3

Apr 7 Vicar Street Dublin
Apr 8 ABC Glasgow
Apr 9 Metropolitan University Leeds
Apr 10 Trent University Nottingham
Apr 12 The Leadmill Sheffield
Apr 13 Academy 2 Birmingham
Apr 14 ’Jim Noir’, album numero 2 is released Manchester
Apr 14 Academy 2 Manchester
Apr 16 Koko London
Apr 17 Koko London
Apr 24 The Water Rats London
Apr 25 The Roadhouse Manchester


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