Wolfkin:: Brand New Pants

Slicing through the night time city sprawl with a display of artsy and dark freaky release, Wolfkin pound holes in that formally dead soul, searching for a pulse on their album Brand New Pants. I mean really does prudence ever pay? Wolkfin address that one too on the circus psych shimmy “Coyocan,” complete with luscious organ and the same fine smokey vox found throughout this record. Experience the shimmering movements of “Brand New Pants,” a racy bit of luxurious self-indulgence followed by the redemption new age gospel of “Island of Surprise,” with talk of Jesus and ladies leading to the light. There is more to discover and relish on this late night jaunt that evokes thoughts of everything from a more sinister Clientele on steroids, to Zombies and anything else Wolfkin decided to squeeze into Brand New Pants.

These Are Illusions

A Vacant Heart


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