No Doctors:: Origin & Tectonics

With a bash and pop ignited by steady flame, No Doctors rip it all apart only to rebuild in divisive new form on their album Origin & Tectonics. Without a doubt, you will be fooled more than a few times while listening to this one; as the mind submerges into fraying melodies leading into maniacal guitar frenzy such as on “Joe Houdini.” You are sure to be lost, though curiously soothed by the end of it all, often forgetting what song you started off with. It may all peak out with the powerfully theatrical “Lost In The Fog,” opened by a stream of pulses, highlighted by saxophone and a mysterious smokey atmosphere. Origin & Tectonics is No Doctors third release, done with their own stamp of new fashion approval, and sure to provide plenty of enjoyment for the listener.

Yerba Buena
Tuning Th’ Sundial
Invisible Clopes

Joe Houdini

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