The Weepies:: Hideaway

The Weepies have a new record, Hideaway, that should engage and comfort introspective travelers everywhere. Hideaway sees The Weepies continue in full force with their reflective folk pop, searching for answers and gaining ground with each song, opening with the post-coming of age “Can’t Go Back Now,” and following into “Orbiting,” a personal search for gravity. The melodies never slow as Deb and Steve invite you in to refuel with softly lit harmonies and well written tunes, that range from the upbeat and deceptively sunny “Wish I Cold Forget,” to the soulful caress of “All Good Things.” Throughout, The Weepies’ Hideaway is an excellent listening choice, with songs that have an emotional content which cements an air of familiarity with the listener, assuring an understanding that we’ve all been there before. Check out the title track from Hideaway and some prior video from The Weepies below:

World Spins Madly On

Nobody Knows Me At All

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