Alex Moulton:: Exodus

Yearning for a time when albums were more than an assemblage of digital data, Alex Moulton has attempted to capture an elusive vision with his debut Exodus, to be released this summer.In addition to being a musician, producer, DJ, music video director and CEO of the Expansion Team media production company and record label, Moulton is a trained filmmaker, who wroteExodus as a fully realized space-opera. The songs are presented continuously like a DJ set, but they’re also like key scenes for a film. While Moulton knows what the characters are doing at every moment of each song, he hopes listeners will create their own story. As he does throughout the album, Moulton taps into a litany of Moog, ARP 2600 and Yamaha CS80 synth patches for a lush and endlessly layered sound. It’s a richness of analog synthesis that recalls the work of the Kosmiche scene, as in Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk, Can, Neu!

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