Yonder Mountain String Band:: Mountain Tracks: Volume 5

Whether blazin’ in the sun or simply watching it go down, Yonder Mountain String Band offer up their bluegrass infused mountain music captured live and fitted perfectly for the coming summer and its myriad of seasonal events and festivals on their latest release Mountain Tracks: Volume 5. And while the presidential candidates promise the world, and in return the sheep like masses from both sides of the aisle suck the slop up as if it were ambrosia, I lose myself in music to forget about it all. As the temperature gets warmer, YMSB and Mountain Tracks Volume 5 are a perfect place to hide my head from it all for a little while as these comforting sounds on this double disc set come across as if they were molded by and for some of the most picturesque landscapes the country has to offer.


Side Show Blues


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