Bridges and Powerlines:: Ghost Types; NYC show tomorrow

Warm analog synths work in fine form to give flourishes of color and atmosphere to the sounds of Bridges and Powerlines, without making the music sound sci-fi. On their album Ghost Types, Bridges and Powerlines roll out eleven sharply written tunes that rock as much as they do pop, despite the prominence of the keys. The splendor of crash and bang of guitars and everything else, open the record on the glorious exposition “Uncalibrated,” building relentlessly up until the ceremonial lull that leads into easily one of the catchiest refrains I’ve heard all year – – “I could make it cold outside just by being here.” The album never lets up, keeping the attention span free of wavering, and closing on “This Last Equation,” which has a chorus that reminds me oddly of a classic Bad Religion song slowed down a little. The members of Bridges and Powerlines met in New York City in late 2005 with a shared love of the Elephant Six Collective and GBV; a debut EP followed shortly that attracted producer Chris Zane, who had recently been behind heralded records by Les Savy Fav, White Rabbits and Asobi Seksu. Bridges and Powerlines spent 2007 fine tuning their sounds and recording Ghost Types, available now on CityBird Records.

the golden age.mp3middle child.mp3uncalibrated.mp3
May 11 Pianos afternoon show, NYC, New York
May 30 Cakeshop w/ Spanish Prisoners NYC

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