Martina Topley Bird:: The Blue God

Martina Topley Bird first revealed herself to us with her work on Tricky’s Maxinquaye, and the Danger Mouse produced The Blue God is Topley Bird’s newest album. Taking a theatrical approach, The Blue God is a world of its own, with lively instrumentation that does much to bring out the full effect of Martina Topley Bird’s vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Crossing a range of emotion, the album opens with the low end pulse of “Phoenix,” then moves on to standout “Carnies,” exhibiting vocals and music working in fine form to imply a backdrop of calliopes and Ferris wheels. The bass hum continues as the mysterious “Something To Say,” gets buzzing and spacey before moving on to “Shangri-La,” where the organ and the processed drums do much to present a stark frame with Martina more insulated in the song. Throughout, the inventive production on the drums proves to be a staple in making this feel like such its own record, and the surreal tropicalism of “Baby Blue,” is no exception with its fabulous key runs and guitar plucks. Of course, there is more to be found here, including the exotic cabaret groove of single “Poison,” but you’ve already heard that one anyway and if not you can check out the song below.

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Poison (Van She Remix)Valentine


Poison Later with Jools Holland

May 12 Cirque Royal Bruxelles
May 13 Espace Chaudeau Nancy
May 14 Grand Rex Theatre Paris
Jun 18 Meltdown festival London

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