Pomegranates:: Everything Is Alive

It is difficult to capture the essence of Pomegranates new album Everything Is Alive with name dropping and meandering descriptions, though I will try, and begin by conceding that at a few different points and only in short doses, I find a similar atmosphere to that of early New Order. Again that is only seconds, here and there, for the magic of Pomegranates lies both in an experimental nature and their capturing melodies, which intertwine and augment with sublimely unique sensibilities. Perhaps, Everything Is Alive is the human experience rolled into an album: erratic, introspective, severe dramatics, release, lulls, departures….all changing before the ears, hardly giving the listener the time to settle in and make sense of it all. Some things are more straightforward, such as on poppier number “The Bellhop,” though obviously thoughtful sequencing makes it seem like every song was perfectly set up by the preceding piece. This album flows really well from beginning to end with some of my favorites including the Bedheadish “Desert Hymns,” and “Honey Moon Pie,” complete with a desert future disco tangent and an engaging refrain: “I want to go back home. I want to find me a wife….” Rest assured, I know it all sounds better in the song.

whom/who.mp3thunder meadow.mp3stream the album


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