The Submarines:: Honeysuckle Weeks

Honeysuckle Weeks is an album full of a lot of inspired lyrics placed over ten songs of alluring “take me away” melodies. The male/female vocals do much to alternate and convene in the right place, taking the feeling and often thick atmosphere to a fever pitch, seen in full view on the cheerleader sprint spouting chorus of “You Me and the Bourgeoisie.” “1940” changes it all up with this dub exotica neo-space age lounge thing, moving on to mysterious vocal runs and the promise of impending high drama. It may seem to cheapen this album a bit by calling it a “pop” record; though it is, and a really fine one that rages with swerving lines and the pervading feeling of something truly real going on here. Really, if you haven’t been drawn in by it all by the time you reach standout “The Wake Up Song,” then you just need to give it up because you don’t deserve to get on the merry go round of fun called “Swimming Pool.” Additionally, I have to mention that “Maybe” has a backdrop that reminds me of something off of Power, Corruption, and Lies, really perpetuated by the drums and the fleeting synth riffs. Speaking of pretty and alluring – – I’m not sure it ever gets any better than on finale “Brightest Hour,” with its magnificent “starlight star bright” music box ambiance and a stellar send off. By the end of Honeysuckle Weeks, there is no doubt that The Submarines have carved out their own distinct universe.

May 22 Schuba’s w/ Headlights Chicago, Illinois
May 23 The Crofoot w/ Headlights Pontiac, Michigan
May 24 The Drake Hotel w/ Headlights Toronto, Ontario
May 25 Le Divan Orange w/ Headlights Montreal, Quebec
May 27 Iron Horse w/ Headlights Northhampton, Massachusetts
May 28 Middle East Upstairs w/ Headlights Boston, Massachusetts
May 29 Union Hall w/ Headlights Brooklyn, New York
May 30 Mercury Lounge w/ Headlights New York, New York
May 31 North Star w/ Headlights Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jun 1 Black Cat Backstage w/ Headlights Washington, Washington DC
Jun 6 Chop Suey Seattle, Washington
Jun 7 The Bourbon Vancouver, British Columbia
Jun 8 Doug Fir Lounge Portland, Oregon
Jun 10 Cafe du Nord San Francisco, California
Jun 12 Beauty Bar San Diego, California
Jun 13 The Echo Los Angeles, California

The Submarines: Epic Tour Movie

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