Mudhoney:: The Lucky Ones & Superfuzz BigMuff Deluxe Edition out today

Today marks the release of Mudhoney’s eighth full length in 20 years with The Lucky Ones on Sub Pop. No cobwebs here, just blistering overdriven guitar, the Mark Arm belch on patented Mudhoney hooks, and a pounding rhythm section keeping it all strong and steady. There are even a few surprises, and slow burning temptations like “And The Shimmering Light,” with its dirty subversive neo-ska groove sculpting some heavy psychic ripples. Certainly the slug and bombast fans have come to expect, The Lucky Ones is steady reassurance that Mudhoney still sound like Mudhoney and didn’t go and pull a 7 Seconds and start sounding like B Grade U2. Good stuff indeed!

Nothing against Nirvana, but did they really rock anyone more than Mudhoney, whether on record or stage? No doubt, Mudhoney were limited by not having a grandiose budget allowing for decorum such as ritualistic guitar smashing at every show, though they did their best without it, and unlike the song, their best – Superfuzz Bigmuff, was damn good enough. At one time in an interview, Mark Arm spoke of a review when Superfuzz Biggmuff came out that stated something to the order of “I can understand why Public Enemy is all pissed off, but what do these white kids from the suburbs have to be pissed off about?” While we could meditate for some time on this statement, considering the by now well documented psychic drain of the suburbs; the one thing the reviewer centered on with any real sort of savvy – – the anger, which screeches, swarms and rages on hits like “Touch Me I’m Sick,” and slashes and serates with talk of belly’s full of Ouzo and a head full of hurt on the appropriately named “Mudride.” Some sort of the same can be said for the rest of the album, which is just as intense and captivating as it was when I used to listen to this record constantly. As for classics, they often aren’t picked up by the masses until they are made to do so by the myriad of voices, billboards and what have you. Nirvana may have made gazillions, though I could give one shit about a Bleach, Nevermind or third album of theirs re-issue, …this is the most excited I’ve been about revisiting an old friend in quite some time.

I’m Now (from new album The Lucky Ones)In ‘n Out of Grace (live and previously unreleased from double cd Superfuzz Bigmuff Deluxe Edition)

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