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When the legendary icon Paul Weller was once asked in an interview what he would change about himself if he could, he replied “three more inches, so then it would be twelve.” Paul Weller, now fifty, is certainly music royalty and few match his output, perhaps even fewer match his epic nature. He is a rock star – – and the rarest kind; the sort where you look at him on stage and repeatedly tell yourself you could never be like him, while you fall into the amazement brought by the light that breaths off of him on stage, making him seem even more god like and fierce. Replying to the idea of a Jam reunion, Weller in typical fashion said something along the lines of “you can’t relive the past…I thought we were all against it.” That pretty much sums up my thoughts on all old great bands getting back together; with the point being that whether you’re 40 or 50 you don’t feel the same way as you did when you were 20 and you hopefully aren’t still fighting the same battles. Of course, why does something have to be permanent to be great, and the music lives on regardless. Paul Weller’s new album 22 dreams is easily one of his best in nearly two decades of solo work.

video through the years:
Paul Weller – 22 dreams

Paul Weller – Heavy Soul

The Style Council – You´re The Best Thing

The Style Council – Have You Ever Had It Blue?

The Jam – Town Called Malice

The Jam – Down In The Tube Station At Midnight

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