Fleet Foxes

I know I’m not alone in my fondness for Seattle’s Fleet Foxes and their highly anticipated self titled record, which is sure to fill up year end best of lists. The album opens on the tranquil high of “Sun It Rises,” filed loosely perhaps between sixties Dave Crosby melodies and an atmosphere somewhere in the realm of My Morning Jacket, with the occasional Byrdsian embellishment. All that means little, as Fleet Foxes have definitely booked their own musical ticket, complete with a surrealistic woodsy glare. The album stops off for the choral adventures of “White Winter Hymnal,” before heading into the acoustic spring jaunt of “Ragged Wood,” a romantic, sweeping piece, with a colorful bridge that brings it all together with savvy. Then, there are those crystalline cascading guitars on “Quiet Hours,” coming with all the major attributes of what makes this album so good: beautiful capturing melodies, glorious harmonies, scenic lyrics, and capable departures that solidify a seamless quality throughout the record. All the grandeur continues to the end, though I feel my continued use of adjectives is liable to do nothing more than bog things down. Check out the live and album versions of “White Winter Hymnal,” from Fleet Foxes self-titled album.

White Winter Hymnal

White Winter Hymnal


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