Hans-Joachim Roedelius of Cluster & Harmonia teams up with Tim Story

For Ohio-based Tim Story, American neo-classical composer and expert in synth-assisted exploration, this collaborative project is a lifelong dream. His partner in the sublime is Hans-Joachim Roedelius, the man behind Brian Eno favorites Cluster and a musical maverick whom Story has longed to work with ever since he first heard the cerebral, eerie, proto-Aphex strains of Germany’s Cluster in the ’70s. The result is the dream-inducing wash of sounds that is Inlandish, at first listen, perhaps easy to call it ambient. Roedelius suggests that we should try a bit harder though: “Ambient doesn’t really express Inlandish’s complexity and beauty. Inlandish is not easy to put in the category of what ambient music normally appears as in the listeners ears. Perhaps it’s ‘ambient at its best’, but I would think it’s a sort of new or contemporary classical music.”

They began the album by spending 10 days together in Story’s Toledo studio laying down Roedelius’s piano parts (“I’m just the piano-keyboard man,” says Roedelius somewhat disingenuously). After that, Story spent five months working on the tone of the record, adding the haunting twists and languid yet euphoric whooshes. Of the two, Roedelius is usually considered the groundbreaking electronicist but on Indlandish it was Story who added the electronic parts and all the arrangements (oboe, cello…).

As It Were

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