Sebadoh bring deluxe Bubble & Scrape

Released roughly halfway through their recording career, Bubble & Scrape captured Sebadoh as a band in transition. Since inception, Lou Barlow, Eric Gaffney and Jason Loewenstein all three wrote and sang their own songs, while live performances would play host to regular bouts of instrument-swapping, as one member stepped up to the microphone as the previous ‘frontman’ returned to the drumkit. Sebadoh’s early cassette releases, The Freed Man and Weed Forestin’, spanned a broad spectrum of pop, and by the time Sebadoh wrote and recorded their fourth full-length in 1993, the three members were writing and singing in more confident and distinct voice than ever before. Contained within the two sides of Bubble & Scrape, those voices – Lou’s muted, emotive and disarmingly honest ballads, Jason’s increasingly rockular riff-outs, and Eric’s thrillingly genius psychotic squalls – formed a most beguiling harmony, complimenting and perfectly off-setting each other. Bubble & Scrape would also, however, prove to be Eric Gaffney’s final album with Sebadoh. Sebadoh will perform the entire Bubble & Scrape album at the Pitchfork Fest in Chicago on July 18.

Soul and Fire (acoustic demo)

Bubble & Scrape Deluxe Edition:
1. Soul and Fire
2. Two Years, Two Days
3. Telecosmic Alchemy
4. Fantastic Disaster
5. Happily Divided
6. Sister
7. Cliche
8. Sacred Attention
9. Elixir is Zog
10. Emme Get Wild
11. Sixteen
12. Homemade
13. Forced Love
14. No Way Out
15. Bouquet For a Siren
16. Think (Let Tomorrow Be)
17. Flood

Bonus Tracks:
18. Reject
19. Sister
20. Bouquet For a Siren
21. Emma Get Wild
22. Flood / Ken
23. Messin’ Around
24. Visibly Wasted II
25. You Are Going Down
26. Old Daze
27. Part 1 – Lou
28. Part 2 – Eric
29. Part 3 – Eric
30. Part 4 – Jason
31. Happily Divided
32. Soul and Fire (Acoustic Demo)

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