Can Lakers overcome Celtics & Referees?

Considering all the recent allegations that refs put the fix in during past playoffs, one can’t help but look back at the ridiculous disparity during game 2 of the present series. It was really odd to see the league’s best player go to the hoop time after time and get no calls (great defense or a little help?). I could have gotten to the line myself if I was wearing green on that night, considering the calls that were handed out. Of course the league says it is all poppycock (the NBA has ran their own investigation), but does anyone remember the Miami/Dallas title series a few years back? That was the year the league was trying to push Dwayne Wade on us as the next big thing, and boy did they let him do whatever he wanted. Finally, maybe the reason our players have been a sham on the international stage of late, is a result of the fact that they are used to playing with different rules each and every night and when they play on the world stage they actually have to follow a static set of guidelines. Let’s face it folks, sometimes in the NBA a foul is a touch, and other times guys can just run right over each other.

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