Quitzow:: Art College

Quitzow’s Art College is brought to us by Young Love Records and Erica Quitzow, with the result being twelve episodes of sporadic frenzies colored by cello, violin, Fender Rhodes loops, and some creative twists. With varied sensibilities, Art College incorporates some intense rhythms to carry these often quirky melodies to successful conclusion. Sometimes, you may want to dance, and this is certainly an electronic album, though through it all one can’t help to want to think of Quitzow as more than electropop. As much a collage of sound as anything, Art College makes it work because songs like “Stay Away From John,” with its fluttering melodies and bubbly protrusions are amenable to the ear. The record was self-recorded in Erica’s upstate New York home with production and mixing assistance by band and label-mate, Gary Levitt.

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06/24 Philladelphia, PA Khyber Pass
06/25 Shepardstown, VA War Memorial
06/28 Greenville, NC Spazzatorium
07/02 Memphis, TN Murphy’s
07/07 Albuquerque, NM Atomic Cantina
07/08 Farmington, NM Tutah Theater
07/10 San Francisco, CA Amnesia
07/11 Santa Cruz, CA The Crepe Place
07/12 Arcata, CA Jambalaya
07/16 Boise, ID Neurolux
07/19 Omaha, NE Oleavers
07/20 Chicago, IL TBA
07/21 Landing, MI Mac’s Bar
07/22 Detroit, MI Von’s AKA The Vault
07/23 Pittsburg, PA Garfield Arts


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