Kanye very late at Bonnaroo

I thought it was weird when I first heard that Kanye West was going to headline Bonnaroo (wait…did I say weird? I meant stupid!), but Jesus, I mean Kanye, lived up to his god like persona by coming on two hours late and very much to the annoyance of the folks who shelled out tons of money for the weekend. The Associated Press reports that Kanye was scheduled for 2:45am, but he didn’t go on until 4:25am. Supposedly the delay was caused by problems with setting up Kanye’s elaborate set. Of course, in our age of flash ‘n’ rehash over substance we need all these glittery diversions to distract us from the fact that nothing of importance is going on at all. Maybe next year Bonnaroo will have Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson’s country act headlining. It’s all about the same level of entertainment.

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