The Curse of Company debut Leo Magnets joins a gang

Dangerbird Records have announced the release of The Curse of Company’s debut full-length, Leo Magnets joins a gang. Led by Dave “Wiley” Rennick, vocalist/guitarist/songwriter from the acclaimed Australian quartet, Dappled Cities and joined by Sarah Kelly (vocals), Tim “Jack Ladder” Rogers (bas), and Danny Heifetz of Mr. Bungle (drums). Leo Magnets is a blend of myth, music and storytelling, recorded by co-producer/ engineer Burke Reid of Gerling. The Curse of Company dwells in quiet places. The Curse of Company recently played their first Australian dates and Rennick continues working with the rest of Dappled Cities on their third full-length expected in ’09.

Leo Magnets joins a gang track listing:
1. Victory on the Miranda Devine
2. Feets in the Fog
3. Any Day
4. The Homecoming
5. Leo Magnets Sings
6. All The Mines download
7. Side By Side
8. I Have A Simple Life
9. The Kites of the Country
10. White Clothes
11. Oh Brother

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