Computer vs Banjo:: Self Titled

This Computer Vs. Banjo self titled record has been a slow burning impression maker. While the original tags on this one were calling this folk electronica, it comes across more as a concise album with solid songwriting accented by sounds that seep out here and there to add a little color. Through it all, this record never feels like said electric resonances are there to distract from the fact that there is nothing going on, as is evident on various records in this age of “anyone can make music.” Opener “Jubilee” starts off in the haze of a sonic morphine drip, unraveling with the fleeting plucks of the banjo, and leading into the strutting “Guitars need a sinner’s touch.” All the way to the end this one is listenable, and during the ride you will pass by the album’s most striking track, “Outerspace,” which escapes its nebulous start, unraveling with the sort of allure and contemplation bound to end up in the cinema.

magazine queen (ninja simone remix)

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