Forward Russia on Life Processes

Forward Russia saved a night of mine of couple of years ago which started out poorly and then added weird to the mix in the most surreal sense. The evening involved a mediocre pick-up -artist masquerading as a magician (I secretly wanted to punch him in the face though I successfully fault the impulse); his aspiring singer/songwriter friend trying to hoist his music on me; a contentious woman acting as the catalyst for all this chaos; and on my part – a desire to evaporate. Surprising to me most, it all changed for a little while when the Leeds unit unleashed a wild performance prompting the naked banshee inside of me to rear its head, if only for a little while. The guitar player was great, looking like Castro, while the star of the show was the singer who moved in frenzied motion like few I’ve seen before. Sometimes music does make a difference. Life Processes is their new album, and a superior listen to its predecessor, Give Me A Wall. This one just feels like they’ve struck out more on their own, featuring hammering intricate textures which sometimes melt, while other times sustained in hyper-revolution, here and there slipping wonderfully out of whack, while those vocals complete it all.

Breaking Standing

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