65daysofstatic::The Distant and Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties EP

The future is now and the lights are bright and pulsating with the fractured sound of beauty and terror facing off. I’ve mentioned The Distant and Mechanised Glow…by 65daysofstatic before, and with two intense mixes of “Dance Parties”and two new tracks, this one will reign you in for many a listen. After the sweat of marathon hip step and all that entails, the feeling of oddness will overwhelm you once the space crickets begin their march on the ominous “Goodbye, 2007.” Sheffield’s 65daysofstatic are finely tuned manipulators of the glitch, rising in prominence since their must have 2004 debut album The Fall of Math, released earlier this year in the states for the first time on Monotreme Records.

65daysofstatic invite fans to remix “Dance Parties” in real time via an interactive website they developed. By toggling the mouse throughout the screen, the music mix changes beats, vocals, guitars, layered effects, and other facets of the song which can only be explored and discovered with personal interaction. Remix it with your mouse right HERE.

Dance Parties (distant).mp3

Dance Parties (Distant)


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