Alabama 3:: Hits and Exit Wounds

Brixton,’s Alabama 3 describe themselves as country acid house music, and as hard as it is to digest that in one bite, the title rings true. Being all over the place is usually a detriment reserved for summer tourist top forty cover bands, though Alabama 3 run the race as the exception and not the rule, mostly because of the song construction savvy they exhibit on every turn. Hits and Exit Wounds is the Alabama 3’s eighteen song retrospective, taking the listener through the band’s history from beginnings to the now. Of course you know the Sopranos theme “Woke Up This Morning,” and all that entails, but hang around just a little longer for the cow poke texas dust kicker, “Hello….I’m Johnny Cash.” It all changes fast, as one minute you’re listening to the Moby-esque Arthur Baker remix of “Mansion on the Hill,” and the next you’re tied up at church with a gospel tinged piano ballad appropriately named “U Don’t Dance To Tekno Anymore.” No doubt entertaining, as a result of the strong songwriting seen in full effect on numbers like the strutting “How Can I Protect You” and “Woody Guthrie.” The dance beats run wild all throughout Hits and Exit Wounds, held up by everything from raging samples to perfect refrain and hip-hop meter, prompting frolic and fun, and including the rare bonus of containing an actual song. Cheers!

Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.mp3
Too Sick To Pray

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