Bobby gets it all together in the Seventies:: Evenings with the Grateful Dead

For at least a little while, Mr. Weir, the youngest member, wasn’t perhaps as key ingredient to the Grateful Dead as others. At one point I think Jerry even kicked him out, but in true explorer spirit this cowboy just kept showing up. Good thing, because Bobby really came in to his own as both a guitar player and songwriter. The band was just bad ass and running comfortably at temperatures few have ever even momentarily maxed out at during the seventies. They were hot hot heat in 72′ and 77′ and seriously all throughout said decade when they were playing. That European tour still resonates with the profundity that was the message of these one of a kind psychic revelators. If you want your mind re-wired, it will be done. They weren’t a jam band. They were a band who jammed.

Looks like Rain

Estimated Prophet

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