Podington Bear’s chest of drawers

Anonymous musician Podington Bear made his musical den on the internet in the beginning of 2007, announcing he intended to write, record and release three songs a week, via podcast and blog equalling 156 songs total. During this period Podington Bear was spotlighted several times on National Public Radio and Wired.com, profiled on numerous blogs, selected as a “Best New Podcast of 2007” by iTunes Music Store editors, and more recently over a dozen of his tracks could be heard sprinkled across the second season of This American Life on Showtime. On June 24th, he released song #156, called “Graduation”. Also on that day, Portland label HUSH Records issued a 10 CD box set collecting these songs, as well as the tenth CD as a standalone, entitled simply The End.It didn’t take long for word to come back that Podington Bear’s cover was blown, at least temporarily, to writers and fans who imported the CD into the ubiquitous iTunes application. Chad Crouch is Podington Bear.

Download The Lost Album and Remixes, Vol. 1
Podington Bear – “Proof”Podington Bear – “Misfit Toys”YACHT – “I Believe In You” (Podington Bear Remix)Bobby Birdman – “Perfect for Light” (Podington Bear Remix)


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