Shudder to Think:: Red House & Summertime Train (Live)

It is crazy how much Dischord and DC ruled the hardcore scene in the eighties. Maybe the true test is that much of this stuff still sounds great, even though I no longer live my life with this music as my soundtrack. So much of that riff heavy stuff coming from other cities is obsolete, not even good for nostalgia, and really just weak for the most part; while Dischord bands were so much more inventive melodically in getting their message through. Not to mention, in terms of heaviness, the METAL GUYS (you know that whole other scene which holds not only some of the world’s best players, but music’s most diabolical genius alchemists) already set that mark on another planet unattainable by the non-drinking/drugs (but i’ll kick you in your face if you don’t agree with my soon to be fleeting ideologies) hardcore guitarist dude playing backwards to the stage. Of the Dischord scene – Rites of Spring, Soulside, and the Embrace record rank as my favorite. “Red House” is the only Shudder to Think song I ever used to hit repeat on, and deservingly so as the song displays a rare intensity over a dark and foreboding atmosphere and well that haunting voice just itches itself in to your skin until it is a part of you.

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