Bon Iver:: Bon Iver:: For Emma, Live At St Giles London, 4th June 2008

I know, another one. Folks, if you’re going to have a TITLE TRACK, it better be as good as the best song on the record. This one is, and its called “For Emma,” from the album For Emma, Forever Ago. Lesser artists have neglected the rule. When my band goes on tour I want this song to play every night right before we take the stage. Hell, tonight I want this to play at my funeral. Plush man, and not that STP stuff. Plush, exotic, soothing, a little dark, the unknown,…plush decadence without the guilt, renaissances… Ah, I’m happy right now, if just for 40 or so minutes. Are you hearing what I’m hearing? For those intrigued by the immaterial, you’ve found your frame.

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