Remote Control Frequencies:: Tempus

Remote Control Frequencies is drummer LG and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist R-Rock. Their new album Tempus is a selection of interstellar beats, classic rhyme, full on rock, cinematic samples, and a self-described overuse of electro-harmonix pedals. The result is an artful collection of sounds which flows cohesively while keeping the momentum through a diverse approach which maintains strong groove and melody oriented threads. This is a nice work that shows a lot of thought as Tempus opens somewhere in the shadowy confines of space on intro “Escape Plan,” all quickly forgotten as the bass and drums revolution of “Wrong Planet,” shows spinning lines and rhymes glowing at a smooth intensity with repeated talk of being on the wrong planet. By the time you get to “Waiting For The Sun,” it should be well noted that Remote Control Frequencies are as likely to sound like old hip hop as they are to evoke thoughts of sweeping landscapes, the future highway, and the overall backdrop of a looming dark. Made for late nights with the windows down and the world in your face, so if you’ve got some slots in your summer soundtrack waiting to be filled, Tempus will be your late night lover.

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